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North St Paul Baseball

Traveling Baseball Tryouts Details

Date/Times: Sunday, March 5, 2017; 9:00 am - 12:00 noon - Specific age group times will be determined the week before tryouts, please check back here for updates.

Location: Vadnais Sports Center

Fee: $20 per player tryout fee, payable on the day of tryouts.

Player/s will be rated by area high school level baseball coaches only. No NSP traveling baseball coaches or parents are involved in the rating process. Traveling team head and assistant coaches are involved only to ensure a smooth process for the tryouts and to watch their own age groups tryout. They have no involvement in determining the ratings or final rankings of players.

Raters are not provided the name of players. Each player is given a bib number. Each player receives a 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) rating on each mandatory item listed below from each rater. The highest and lowest score for each player is thrown out and the average score of the remaining ratings is used to calculate a player’s final ranking. Player names are not attributed to their corresponding bib number until after all ratings have been calculated and rankings assigned to ensure fairness in the process. NSP traveling baseball will not announce or provide the final rankings, so please do not ask. Names on rosters will be listed alphabetically by last name.

Players are rated on the following mandatory skills:

  • Infield (Fielding technique, arm strength and arm accuracy)
  • Outfield (Fielding technique on pop fly/grounders, arm strength and arm accuracy)
  • Batting (Short toss and tee). Short toss allows raters to see bat speed, hand eye coordination and contact. Tee work allows the raters to mechanics and bat speed. Live batting is not used as it is not always a reliable way to rate hitters.
  • Timed run from first base to second base
  • Timed run from home plate to second base

Players will have the option to participate in ratings for pitchers and catchers if they are interested in those positions. But, players are not ranked on these positions. A player who chooses not to participate in these optional sessions at tryouts is not penalized. It is simply an opportunity to get rated and for coaches to observe technique and mechanics.

If you have questions about tryouts, please contact


North St. Paul Traveling Baseball Registration Is Now Open!

North St. Paul (NSP) traveling baseball is for players who are looking for a highly competitive level of baseball for ages 10U-15U, while working to improve basic baseball skills. The coaches are volunteers who typically have extensive baseball coaching knowledge.

Traveling baseball is from mid-April to late July, with most teams playing  a minimum of 25 games and  maximum of 40 games (16 league games, plus a minimum of nine tournament games, and more depending on whether or not they qualify for State Tournament play, and/or play deep into the playoffs). Families should note that baseball will be played on as many as 4-6 nights per week between practice or games, occasional weekend practices and a minimum of three weekend tournaments over the roughly three month season.

Players earn their positions onto traveling teams through tryouts, as need depending on the number of registrations per age group. Players who do not make a traveling team will have the option to play rec baseball.

Head Coaches for the 2017 Season:

10U – Steve Swanson – Steve is a long time hockey and baseball youth coach, having coached both his own kids as well as his grandchildren. Steve was an assistant coach on the NSP 12UA team last summer.

11U – AJ Cook – AJ has coached youth sports for several years, including basketball and baseball. AJ coached his son’s pony league and machine pitch teams before serving as head coach for the NSP 10U team last summer.

12U – North St. Paul baseball is planning to have a combined team with Oakdale in 2017. This will allow more players to play traveling baseball for both cities this summer. We have coaching candidates available and will name the head coach as soon as we name the team . Oakdale has already held their tryouts. We will add the North St. Paul players and name the full team after NSP tryouts. If you would like more details on this exciting opportunity, please contact

13U – Sean Bradford – Sean is a past participant of North St. Paul traveling baseball and also played high school varsity baseball for North High School. Sean works with players approaching high school to help them be well-prepared for the high school game and beyond. Sean coached the NSP 154U team last summer.

Unfortunately, at this time, North St. Paul does not anticipate having a 14U or 15U team in 2016 due to a low number of participates at these age groups. If you are interested in playing at these age levels, we need to know as soon as possible!! Please contact if you are interested in playing at these age levels for options and details.

Who can play? NSP Traveling Baseball accepts all residents of Maplewood, North St. Paul & Oakdale, so long as they live in one of the communities of ISD #622. NSP Traveling Baseball will also consider accepting players from other neighboring communities provided there are no traveling programs in those communities or your player has not been named to one of your communities traveling teams, and North St. Paul is the closest traveling program and/or the proper waiver procedures are completed. NSP Traveling Baseball is committed to allowing as many kids the opportunity to play as possible. The number of players typically is the major reason for players being cut from tryouts.

Cost:  $390 per player. These fees cover entry fees for three tournaments; each player will be provided a traveling baseball quality uniform that includes two jerseys, pants, belt, and a fitted cap. The player fees also include provisions for the association's fees to cover insurance and operating expenses (equipment, umpires, field fees, etc.). It is important to note there can be additional fees throughout the year that are not included in this fee, including but not limited to, fees for State Tournaments and playoffs. 

Register Now By Clicking on the Link Below:

2017 Traveling Baseball Registration

Register your player now for traveling baseball!

Traveling Baseball is Seeking a New Commissioner! Interested...?

The traveling baseball program is now seeking interested individuals to serve as commissioner. As needed, the current commissioner will serve as co-commissioner for the 2017 season to assist in the transition.

This is a volunteer position, although participating children from the commissioner's family do not pay the registration fee for the season.

The commissioner is responsible for all aspects of the traveling program, including but not limited to, securing head coaches, managing registrations, overseeing schedule development, overseeing tournament selections, ordering uniforms, setting up and running tryouts (and any winter practices), scheduling umpires and fields for games and practices. The estimated time is 10 hours per week from March - April and then 5 hours per week during the season (May - July). Off-season the time is very limited. The commissioner is also the liaison between NSP traveling baseball and the governing organization.

If you are interested in this position, please email Scott Franzmeier at for more details and/or to set up a meeting.

Looking for a volunteer to lead the rec program

The rec program is looking for a volunteer to be the commissioner. It's an exciting opportunity to be involved in your community. Please contact for more information.